Friday, April 25, 2008

Moving Day

We're off to get the truck in just a few minutes. I guess I should pack up my computer now ;) See you when we get settled in our new place.


Friday, April 11, 2008

The Far East

We found out 2 weeks ago that we are definitely moving. Most of the last 2 weeks has been filled with finding housing in our new town and other things related to moving. Oh, and my in laws visited and Rand and I took a trip to Chicago (planned before we knew we were moving...) the trip was nice, but I definitely felt like I should be home packing...

Before we knew we were moving, we were making our way through picture books about Asia, so I squeezed in a few minutes in the last few days and finished the ones we had left from the library. We are almost done with our trip around the world via picture books. We still need to get to Russia, the Middle East and Canada. One of the things that is so great about homeschooling is that we take time off when life throws us a curve and just pick up where we left off when life calms down again.

Here are some picture books about Asia that we have enjoyed

The Butterfly Boy
The Chinese Siamese Cat
Daisy Comes Home
The Emperor's New Clothes: s tale set in China
Happy, Happy Chinese New Year
Huan ching and the Golden Fish
The Moon Lady
Ms. frizzle's adventures: Imperial China
The Paper Dragon
Ping- Li's Kite
The Seven Chinese Sisters
The Story of Chopsticks

The Girl who Loved Caterpillars
Grandfather's Story
The Magic Fan
Sayonara, Mrs. Kackleman
Tea with Milk
Tree of Cranes
The Warrior and the Wise Man
Yoko's Paper Cranes
Yoshiko and the Foreigner

Anni's India Diary
Baya, Baya, Lulla-by-a
The Story of little Babaji

Grandfather's Dream
The Lotus Seed

Father's Rubber Shoes
The Name Jar
Peach Heaven

We will be packing our moving truck 2 weeks from today, so this blog may be a bit quiet for a while.