Monday, January 2, 2012

Counting Blessings

As I think back on 2011, I realize that it has been an amazingly great year for me and my family. Here are some things that made it great.

1. I lived in Hawaii
Here we are celebrating our 2 year Hawaiiversary
2. Rand had/has a great job that he loves that brings in enough money for us to make ends meet every month and even save some for fun stuff like traveling.
3. We moved to the faculty townhouses where we plan to live for the foreseeable future. (meaning we have no plans to move anytime soon!)
4. We were able to decorate our new house in a way that makes me happy and feels like home.
5. We were able to rent our downstairs bedroom to students which has helped us to save more money for traveling and has taken the pressure off of me feeling like I needed to try to get a job.  I had been stressing about this since I didn't think I could work and homeschool the kids.
6.  We have been healthy.
7.  The girls are improving academically.
8.  The girls are thriving socially.
9.  After 15 years, Rand and I may have figured out this marriage thing and spent this 16th year having fun and loving each other more each day.

10. We were able to travel to the mainland this summer visiting family and taking the girls to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and NYC.

11. I was able to take a trip to visit my best friend in Las Vegas after not seeing her for 2 years.

12. After 8 years, I have finally figured out this homeschooling thing with curricula and a schedule that works,  making my life much less stressful.
13. I have been able to keep motivated to exercise regularly.
14.  I have made some new good friends this year whose husbands get along with my husband and whose kids get along with my kids and who keep me motivated to exercise (see #13).
15. I was able to be in our university's production of A Winter's Tale.  It was so fun to be in a play after an eight year hiatus.

16. And just a week before the end of 2011, I tried surfing and I like it!

Here's to 2012 being even more awesome!