Monday, June 11, 2007

Holy cow, I have a 9 year old!

My oldest turned 9 today, half way to 18 as both my parents pointed out. That thought makes me both excited and sad. My baby, halfway to adulthood...

To my oldest on your 9th birthday,

You are 9 today. I remember being 9, still a child, but ready to start taking on that big world out there. I can see you starting to come out from under my wing. You are not my bravest child, but after you have time to get used to things, you are ready to join the fun. You are kind to your little sisters and your friends. You do your best to make sure others around you are happy. You always try to do what is right even if those around you are not. You are stubborn. You are a messy eater, like me. Have fun growing up. Enjoy being a kid. Remember, you will always be my baby.


Valarie said...

Hi! I didn't know you blogged. I hope Sierra had a great birthday. Mom told me that she sounded so old when they talked on the phone. We are good here. Alaina is a great baby and the kids are adjusting to having her here. Holy cow, I have 4 kids!

Tracy B. said...

Happy birthday to Sierra! It's hard to believe she's alreay nine. That makes me feel old.