Monday, July 16, 2007

If I had unlimited homeschooling funds

I would buy:

a microscope
a telescope?
Primary Challenge Math
Real Science 4 Kids - Chem, Bio, and Physics
Holling C Holling books
Geneveive Foster books
Jeanne Bendick books
Joy Hakim books

Wow it's really not that much. Maybe there would be more. These things are from my list of stuff that I plan to buy eventually, which has been narrowed down to keep me from overspending. I guess if I had unlimited funds I might consider Sonlight, but then again I don't really want something that tells me exactly how to schedule everything, but I suppose I would be more tempted to buy many of the books from the Sonlight.

1 comment:

Brit said...

Have you ever tried I find lots of school stuff on their for very low prices, and if you buy a lot from one person they can combine the shipping.