Saturday, October 13, 2007

Customer Service?

Last week,it seemed like everywhere I went I got bad customer service. It started at Target when I took my middle daughter shopping with her birthday money. I found one item that I wanted and so when I paid, I used the birthday cash for the toys and I put the item I wanted on the credit card. As I turn to go, I look at the receipt and notice that I was double charged for one of the toys. Well, I should have gone to the customer service desk right away, but instead I turn around and say, "You charged me for 2 of these and I only bought one." To fix the problem, the cashier voids my original transaction and rings it up again without the extra item and tells me to put my credit card in the reader. I do it, but mention that I paid part of the order in cash. When the charge comes up it says $81, $70 of which I had paid in cash. I explain the problem, but the cashier instructs me to sign the pen pad. I am getting suspicious, but I do it. Then he says he will void the transaction again, but refuses to give me the voided receipt?? I try to explain that he just charged me for the whole amount and that I had paid cash for part, so he gives me $14 back (the cost of the doubled item) and still won't give me a copy of the voided receipt. At this point, I give up and go to the customer service desk. After about a half an hour, they figure it out and I give them the $14 and they give me back the $70 since my card was charged for the whole total. I tried to be patient, but a half an hour to figure out what the stupid cashier did - ugh! As I am leaving the store after the problem was finally solved, the customer service person runs up to me and gives me two $3 coupons. Woo hoo my time is worth $6!

The next day, I go to pick up my husband's dry cleaning and they send me home with with someone else shirt. And to top it off, Good Times gives me a regular Mountain dew when I specifically asked for Mountain Dew CODE RED! - sheesh!


Laura said...

You might try posting this on - it's a great consumer website where you can share your experiences with shops (both national and local). People who share your shopping habits would find your experience useful.

Tracy B. said...

Your time is not just worth $6... it's worth $6 in POPCORN! That's even worse.