Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've learned something about myself

During the last 2 weeks in which I have been fretting over the possible upcoming changes in our life, I discovered part of the reason that I am a neat freak. It is because cleaning and organizing give me control of something. So when I feel especially out of control of my own destiny, I like to clean. Needless to say my house is very organized right now and I have 7 boxes of stuff to ready to give away...


Rachel said...


You are 100% correct about the cleaning - control connection. I am a neat freak too. Interesting, since I am an unschooler. I always have this idea that the best unschoolers live in a kind of college professor/distracted intellectual chaos (but I could be wrong).
It's kinda difficult to 'strew' neatly. Anyway, I have a constant source which feeds my feelings of lack of control and it would be my 11 year old Bipolar son. I have another son and a daughter (but they just bring typical stress). So, I have a very neat house most of the time. :-)

Cleaning, for me, is an absolutely a calming activity and gives me a real sense of accomplishment and very much makes me feel in control of something.

Neat Freaks Unite!

Cheryl said...

I find I do the same thing. Although by the looks of my home right now, you would think I embrace being out of control!