Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Last of the Boxes

Well, this is it that last pile of boxes. Many of them are empty, but we have yet to get rid of them. I freecycled most of them. We don't have room to store them :( which is very unfortunate since we are only planning on staying in this place a year... Our garage can has been full since the day we moved in. Tomorrow is garage day - Woo Hoo, but I already have 3 full bags to put in it after it is emptied. Luckily our ward is have a clean up day on Saturday and will have dumpsters available at the church. I can't wait. After that we will only have 3 more boxes to unpack. They contain miscellaneous stuff of Rand's that he has yet to sort though. He has been busy working, ya know :)

It has been very interesting to try and squeeze the amount of stuff we had in a 1848 sq ft house with an unfinished garage and basement into a 1688 sq ft place with no garage or basement. We were so spoiled!

I thought about live blogging this move, but I was a little too busy unpacking to think about taking pictures and loading them onto the computer and taking time to blog. I am so lazy that way.Here are some of the highlights of the last 2 weeks:

*Arriving in Utah at 12:30 am and scrambling to find a place for the girls and us to sleep amongst the piles of boxes.

*Getting up at 6:00 am the next day to drive Rand to his first day of teaching, so he would have time to find his classroom and won't have to find a place to park.

*Arwen vomiting in the car just as we arrive at the University's parking lot.

*Stripping my 5 year old in the parking lot of the University at 6:30 in the morning.

*Meeting our landlady for the first time at 7am, looking gorgeous I am sure with my " I just drove for 8 hours, got no sleep" look with my naked 5 year old getting out of the car.

*Creatively finding places to store all of kitchen stuff in a much smaller kitchen

*Creatively finding places to store all the rest of our stuff in a much smaller house

* Did I mention that we have way too much stuff!

* Unpacking and unpacking and unpacking, day after day while we were all sick (Luckily only Arwen was vomiting, the rest of us were just coughing up lungs)

*Losing track of the day, the week, the month, What year is it again?

* Eating fast food for way too many days in a row.

*Walking to church - yep, the church just is 2 houses away.

*Going to Salt Lake City so Rand could be interviewed by a General Authority

*Stopping by IKEA on the way home

*Going to IKEA the next day to buy a table and a couch (An adventure in itself that deserves its own post... or 2)

*Finally figuring out what day it is and thinking that I was ready to get back to regular life and school for the girls on Monday.

*Noticing all of the learning the girls have done on their own while I have been unpacking and deciding to wait another day... or 2... or 3 to start back with school stuff... or maybe just call this an early summer vacation...

* Finally getting around to blogging about the move and thus putting off everything else that needs to be done before I can feel settled in.


Linda said...

You are a moving MACHINE! Seriously, girl, you have this down to a science! I can't imagine being that unpacked that quickly. But I guess you have more motivation since this isn't a permanent home.

I'm glad to hear that things are getting a little bit more sane. I hope you are able to feel at home, even though your stay is temporary.

Mrs. Blimes said...

glad to see yall got there safely!

JNH said...

It makes me tired just hearing it! I hope you guys have such a fun time in Utah!