Friday, June 20, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly of our new house

Welcome to my new house. Are you ready for a tour? It's good, it's bad, and it's ugly. I cut off this picture so you can't see the other side of the duplex. It looks just like our side only reversed. If you walked in the front door you would see this:

Well, actually it would look more like this:

Here is the other side of the front room:The kitchen is bad and ugly. It is small and has no counter space. Our IKEA table takes up half the room

The counter NEVER looks like this. We have no dishwasher, so the counter is always covered with dishes. There is only on thing I like about this kitchen and here it is:

Why doesn't every kitchen have a built in cookie sheet cabinet? I have been wishing I had something like this for years!

Here is the upstairs bathroom. The yellow counter top is pretty ugly, but at least is matches with my butterfly shower curtain.

The girl's room: They wanted to all share a room, but the room is so tiny. They look like little orphans with their beds all in a row.

Here is the other side of the room with its tiny carpet space showing.

With the girls sharing a room, the other upstairs room became the play room:

I know we have way too many toys.

That's the whole upstairs. It is very tiny, but this room saves us from killing each other due to being crowded:

It's a basement, but it gets tons of light. And this room is huge. It can fit our new couch, the TV, all our instruments, both Rand's and my desks, and several book cases. And still have floor space for the girls to play games. I was tempted to make this room the play room, but my dh wisely suggested that we should make this big room a room that the whole family could enjoy.

Here is our bedroom. My dh bought all the decorations when we lived in Colorado. He did such a great job. It is the nicest decorated room in the house. And now it is in the basement... When we first got all the decorations up my dh said it looked like our old bedroom had been shrunk in the dryer...

We have a garden plot in our backyard. That is one of the "goods" assuming I can get anything to grow. I have tried gardening before, but I never really had a good space to work with. I love planting pretty flowers, but I haven't had too much luck planting things from seed.

Here is another on of the "goods. " This is the view from our backyard. Feel free to be jealous and then remember I have no dishwasher.


molly said...

I think it looks cozy, you are very blessed to be healthy and together.......happy gardening

asplendidtime said...

Oh that was a fun post! Awesome sense of humour, I really admire how you maximize the good! Good for you.

We live near the Canadian Rockies, but not as close as you do. So we take the kids for picnics to get a little closer.

Have a blessed day,
Rebecca ~Mom to 8 under 10

Valarie said...

Wow, that back yard/view is awesome! I might actually trade a dishwasher for that (remember that my backyard is full of snakes and alligators and grass that slices your feet like glass!!)

Tracy B. said...

I love your view. I remember that view. It's a bummer about the dishwasher. I remember when you guys lived in that place (I think it was in Seattle) where you had your "portable" dishwasher that hooked up to the sink. I bet you miss that beastly thing now.

JNH said...

how fun! now it feels like I could be there to see your place!