Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sights from the "business" trip


And more Ocean...
Our sandy feetA little kid and his boogie board (Could this be one of our kids next year??)

Watching the surfers

A surfer dudeSand and surf
Cliff jumping
A few minutes after this picture was taken I went over by the water and got totally soaked.
A cute couple
Laie Temple
A Banyan tree (Ann, these are just like the trees from LOST!)
Samoan tree climbers
And for my darling sister in law


sblimes said...

Great pics. Glad you all got to go and have a good time. Hope it all works out for you. I found an interesting homeschool idea site for you to look at

michelle said...

Thanks Silvia, I will have to check that website out.

Mrs. Blimes said...

AWESOME!!! It is TOTALLY a sign. Any place that has my name in letters as big and bold as those has to be home sweet home!!!

ps you know we're all going to be totally jealous and hate you if you get to live in hawaii!!! hee hee just kidding.

(sort of)

Valarie said...

HAHA! That sign at the end is funny.
It looks beautiful, of course. I may have to get over my fear of flying over the ocean to come and visit you guys WHEN (notice the optimism) you end up there. It will probably take me like 3 years to save up the money for the ticket, though.

JNH said...

How beautiful!
The, ocean the beach, the Temple!
I'm so glad you got to be there and see it all!

michelle said...

Well, Val, you will have 3 years to get over your fear of flying over water :)

Marquesas, you don't have to hat us and be jealous. You should just move there, too! The girls are not happy about being so far away from their new baby cousin.

Tracy B. said...

Pretty beaches, great weather, hot surfers! What more could you want? Perhaps I'll have to move there. "Will babysit for food!"

Tracy B. said...

P.S. What did you think about Breaking Dawn when you finished it?

michelle said...

Sounds like a plan Tracy!!!

I liked Breaking Dawn. I really enjoyed the Jacob part, but I thought the end was a bit anticlimactic. The bad guys just walk away, really???