Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Proud Mama Shows off

My oldest is turning 11 in a week. She has been homeschooled her whole life. I remember during her 3rd and 4th grade years losing my mind over whether she was learning enough and progressing the way she should. Basically wondering if I was doing a good job homeschooling her. We are not unschoolers, but we are definitely relaxed homeschoolers greatly influenced by Charlotte Mason. We don't school from 8:30 - 3:30 every day. We don't cover every subject every day or even every week. Between stops and breaks and lunch we probably get in 2 hours of school-like work a day. Of course, we have also been involved in a co-op and a public school program for homeschoolers and gone on countless field trips. But I always still wondered if it was enough. I would see things that older homeschooled kids had done and wondered if my kids would be to that point when they were 12, 13 or 14.

I am now starting to see the results of our homeschool effort. The other day Sierra sat outside drawing. She brought in 2 fairy pictures and poems she had written and proceeded to paint the pictures with watercolors. First, Rand thought she had traced the pictures (she did not). Then I thought she had copied the poems from a book (she had not). We were very impressed.

And so now this proud mama must show off:

The poem on this one reads:

Roses pink, red, white, and yellow
Shading ground so soft and wet
Prickling thorns that poke
Summer's lovely blossom

And this one's poem:

Bending over water's edge
Bright yellow and violet
By roaring river or laughing brook
Iris, sweet daughter of the water

Legible handwriting, minimal spelling errors, beautiful poetry, and gorgeous art. What more can a mama ask for?

P.S. The flowers were drawn by copying the rose bush and iris plants in our yard. The poetry and fairies were largely inspired by Cicely Mary baker.


Michelle said...

Beautiful! I wish I could draw so well! :)

Mrs. Blimes said...

def worth mama braggin rights.

Ann said...

Oh my! You should be proud. Beautiful. Just beautiful!


Richele said...

They are gorgeous - I hope you are investing in frames!

Enjoyed having your submission to the CM Carnival.

Rebecca said...

Just beautiful!

Pauline said...

WOW! That is such an encouragement! And some wonderful poetry and gorgeous drawings too!!

{ jamie's cottage } said...

Love it. Glad you shared. :-)