Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Blog or to Live

Am I the only one who feels guilty about not blogging? I love blogging, but sometimes (well, all the time) it is more fun to do things than it is to blog about them.  I really wish I could just think about something I want to blog about and it would be blogged. Someone definitely needs to come up with that technology!

Over the last month that I haven't been blogging much, I have thought about blogging.  I would think, "Oo, I should blog about that",  but then I think about taking pictures and uploading pictures and typing and editing and it doesn't happen. I seriously don't know how these people who blog everyday do it.  How do they have time to do all of the things they are blogging about?

But, I do have few blogs up my sleeve.  Some fun things we did in our homeschool this spring.  A Hawaii post about some of the cool things we have done lately. Some homeschool musings.  And eventually our homeschool plans for next school year.  Stay tuned.


Michelle said...

Oh, my, I can really relate to this! I feel a lot of guilt about not blogging lately, but there are just so many things I want to *do* and, like you said, dealing with photos, writing, and editing all take so much time. And I often start questioning why I blog, because I don't really look back at my archives (unless I need to for a post I'm working on), so I'm not sure how much of a personal journal it really is. And if I'm blogging for other people...well, only a handful of people even read my blogs. But there's something that keeps me blogging. For me I think it's a sense of belonging. I don't participate with local homeschoolers, so it's nice to have virtual homeschooling friends, and the blog helps me stay connected.

I do miss your posts. I was unsubscribing from a blog this morning and I was thinking that it had been quite a while since you posted. But I do understand and I hope you have a great summer. I'll still be here to read about it if and when you get time to write about it. :)

Mrs. Blimes said...

ugh i know what you mean. no matter how much i blog i always feel like im forgetting something and if i dont document it it i'll forget it forever!

i enjoy reading about your homeschooling and what yall crazy blimes' are up to and i have missed your posts.

hopefully the blog funk lifts soon cuz im in one too lately. boo!