Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Homeschool Purchases 2010

After much pondering and reconsidering and taking items off the list and adding items to the list.  I present to you this year's homeschool purchases.

From Rainbows Resources

Singapore 2b and Singapore 4b workbooks  - These are for Arwen and Kali. We already have the home instructor's guides and textbooks for this level and the sets for level A

Sequential Spelling Book 1 - spelling is still a problem around here, so I am going to try this program with all 3 girls.

Writing with a purpose series (Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, Persuasive) - I have had the hardest time deciding whether or not to get these books.  We have been on an academic writing kick since doing K12. I am not sure how useful these will be.  They might turn out to be dust gatherers.

History Odyssey Level 2 Modern - to use in conjunction with SOTW 4

From Amazon

Writing Strand 4 and 5 - level 4 for Kali and Level 5 for Sierra.  I am very hopeful about this program. I looked at it once back when I first read The Well Trained Mind and I thought level 3 looked really boring and pointless. The higher levels look better and I really like that they are self teaching. I also like they include both creative and academic writing. Notice that I am buying 2 writing programs. I am not sure if I will use both or just keep one as a back up... Luckily they are both inexpensive.  Even buying both, I am spending less than other writing programs.

Reading Strands - I have never used a literature program.  I just have the girls read books or we listen to them or I read them aloud. I am hoping this book will give me ideas for discussing and analyzing literature.

George Washington's World

Abraham Lincoln's World

Story of the World 4 Activity Guide

From Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Thinkwell Pre-Algebra

From an independent homeschooler seller

Growing with Grammar

Coming up: My plan for using these purchases and other curricula that we already own this coming school year...

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Michelle said...

Sequential Spelling is excellent. A bit dull, but it's easy to do and it really works. I'll probably try writing strands next year, alongside WWE, so I'll be eager to know your opinion of it. Can't wait to read your next curriculum post. :)