Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I love having older kids

Don't get me wrong I LOVE babies.  Their soft heads and squishy thighs and sweet baby smell. I love them so much that I was worried that I would keep wanting to have more and more babies. But alas the baby hunger stopped after 3 babies.

And toddlers are just so cute.

And preschoolers.  Oh, preschoolers are so much fun!

But older kids and teenagers, yikes, teenagers...  I didn't really know what to expect. Turns out they are still pretty cute and they are lots of fun and....

  • They can carry on real conversations.
  • They can clean up after themselves - with reminders ; )
  • They don't fight bedtime 
  • They can be left home alone while you go shopping, exercise, go to a girls' night out, go on a date!
  • They can help out with the household chores.
  • They are more fun than work while camping or traveling.

Yep, having older kids is great.  They no longer let you smell their soft heads or squish their thighs, but they are so much less work.  And I am really enjoying watching them grow and mature. It is really amazing to see the people they are becoming.

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