Friday, April 6, 2007

Nature Studies revisited

As I have become more interested in using a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling, I have reintroduced nature walks into our schedule. We have taken many nature walks in the past, especially when we were studing the seasons. But I recently realized that we hadn't gone on any walks since we moved into our new house last May - yikes! As an excuse, I will say that we have been going to park days regularly with our local homeschool group.

So the motivation is back and I decided that Monday afternoons would be a good time to go on our nature walks. I also purchased sketch books for all four of us and put them in a bag with colored pencils and field guides - yeah me!

The good news is our first nature walk in our new neighborhood was lovely. The weather was great and we stopped several times to draw in our nature journals. The bad news is that was 3 weeks ago and we haven't gone since... The weather cooled off and we had a dentist appointment. Oh well, we will keep trying.

A friend of mine said she won't consider herself a Charlotte Masoner because she won't go out when it is below 50 degrees. I say ba humbug - it's the effort that counts.

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