Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In praise of Story of the World

We have finally gotten around to starting Story of the World 2. Despite the fact that some of us are suffering from the stomach flu AGAIN, we decided to do a bit of school today. Laying around on the couch does lend itself to reading aloud. My oldest was excited as she enjoyed SOTW 1. They love doing the coloring pages from the Activity Guide while I read the chapter. I also like to get some of the extra books from the Activity Guide's list at the library.

The really fun part is that I have the girls put their coloring pages in a sketch book for an easy time line. so after reading chapter 1 and doing the coloring pages, we got out the sketch book time line. The girls were so cute looking through last year's pages.

"Oh, look Gilgamesh!'

"Your King Tut looks like a girl."

"Here is where I did China writing."

This is definitely the fun part of homeschooling. Story of the World is written in a very interesting way and I am even learning stuff, too.

Thanks to Mrs. T for her words of encouragement after my last post. It is nice to hear from homeschoolers with older children that things like spelling and writing so work themselves out.

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Michelle Waters said...

We are HUGE SOTW fans around here... I'm learning so much too! (I had majored in History in college!)