Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthdays and grade levels

As you can see from my last posts, I get kind of obsessed about grade level every once and a while. I really try not to, but my mother was a teacher and is always concerned about whether my kids are on grade level. And my poor oldest gets the brunt of this worry. My middle has an October birthday, so she would have just missed the cut off for the next grade. If she were in first grade now, she would probably be advanced for her grade, so I don't worry about her. But my oldest has a June birthday, so she would be in 4th grade. We are just now finishing up Right Start Level D for math which is the 3rd grade level, so if I think in terms of grade level she is a semester behind, but if she had a October birthday like Kali and she would be right on grade level finishing third grade math at 9 years 7 month.

It's crazy, I know. I'M crazy. I should just chill out because I am a homeschool mom and I don't have to worry about grade level. Again, I need to remind myself to keep the end goal in mind. If I can prove in the end that homeschooling is as good as, if not a better way to educate my children then all will be well.


tiffany said...

hmm well I think whether you prove anything or not, all will be well! :) But I dont know, I am just beginning on this hs journey and I know what a big load it is to be responsible for your children's education. So I know I will worry too. But I also know that some peeps will just never be convinced that hsing is a good idea. And so what. WE get to be the mommies and WE get to decide what's best for our kiddos. :) We just have to be tough enough to let the critical comments roll right off and keep on keeping on. :)

All that to say that your kiddos look happy and bright to me so I think you must be doing a lot of things very right. :)

Just T said...

I'm a big believer in "our lives are what we make of them". At the end of the day, it's you that needs to be happy. You need to do what is right for yourself and your family. If you believe that HS is the best education that your children can receive, then who is anyone else to judge you.
As long as you are happy with their progress and schooling, then that's all that should matter.
Keep your chin up!!!