Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michelle's 8 essential 80's movies

My friend just posted movies she considers to be the 8 essential movies of the 80's. A friend of hers is showing movies from the 80's at film series at Middlebury College. Since most of the freshman this year were born in 1990 - yikes! they missed seeing these classics movies during the 80's. In choosing movies my friend picked movies that were not only filmed in the 80's, but take place, at least in part, during the 80's in order to give the college students a taste of the culture of the 80's as well as the filmaking. I will follow this rule as well. Here are my selections, in no particular order:

The Breakfast Club

Back to the Future

When Harry Met Sally


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Top Gun

Sixteen Candles

Ack... I only have one more spot and 5 movies left on my list...

Um... OK...

St. Elmo's Fire

Runner's up:


Say Anything

Lost Boys

Which movies are your 8 essentials of the 80's?

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mrs dani said...

You forgot the animated ones

My Little Pony


It can't be the 80's without these!

I love your list!! I just relived my middle/high school years in span of two min.