Friday, October 31, 2008

We have arrived!

I have never been the type of homeschooler that brags about how her child is reading at 3 grade levels above her age or how her 5 year old is doing 4th grade math.

No, I am more the type of homeschooler that is always worried about whether my child is on grade level or whether I am messing them up by homeschooling them. Should a 10 year old know how to spell the word different? Oh no, my 8 year old has forgotten how to subract! Ack! it's been a week since I have worked on phonics with my 5 year old, I am scarring her for life!

But the time has come where I feel we are succesfully nerdy homeschoolers. Who cares if my 10 year old can't divide, yet. She -and her 5 year old and 8 year old sisters - can sing the U.S. Presidents in order!

I told them they can now go on Kid Nation. (I was all worried last year when the kids on Kid Nation had a challenge where they had to put the presidents in order and I knew that I was messing my kids up because they didn't know them, yet :P)

In related news, I added our book list from our recent government and presidents unit to the side bar.

Oh, and we got this song off of You Tube

While you're at You Tube check out the Anamaniacs and the Nickelodean versions, too. Fun, Fun.

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Valarie said...

Ha! Man my nieces are cute.