Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fun Daddy (and Fun Mommy)

My husband likes to refer to himself as the Fun Daddy and sometimes the Fun Mommy (which is sometimes true since I am the one washing the dishes while he is playing some game that he made up with the kids like Deadly Penguin). I could not have picked a better daddy for my girls.

He is so excited to see the girls when he gets home from work. He loves spending time with them. He takes turns taking them on Daddy/Daughter dates. He takes us all on fun family vacations. On these trips, he gives up going on long hikes and being at the perfect picture spot at dusk to be with us. He teaches the girls all about the world around us with knowledge that he keeps in his encyclopedia-like brain. And have a mentioned that he makes up fun games? My girls so lucky to have such a fun daddy!

Happy Father's Day, Honey! I am so glad you are the father of my children.

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Mrs. Blimes said...

awe rand is so sweet!!! you did get a good one huh?!?