Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes I am a little slow figuring these things out

Blogging and reading blogs is fun, but it can be time consuming. I seriously did not know how some people kept up with reading blogs and posting almost everyday. Then I discovered Google Reader and scheduled posts. Those of you that are familiar with these are probably laughing that it took so long for me to figure these things out.

A couple of weeks ago I set up Google Reader. Oh my gosh, it is so great! It is just like reading email. I used to have all of the blogs I liked bookmarked and I would go through each one and see if there were any new posts - very time consuming. And if I would go a week without checking them I would have to spend lots of time catching up. Now with Google Reader, I can just check everyday and skim through the new posts very quickly. I feel like I have just come out of the Dark Ages.

Then I discovered scheduled posts. Now I knew that I could keep a post as a draft and post it later, but I didn't know that I could type up a post and schedule it to post on a certain day. This must be how people keep up with regular posting. Some days I have more time and lots of ideas of what I want to write about and other times I get am very busy and have few ideas. I don't want to do several posts in one day because who has the time and interest to read a bunch all in the same day. So now I can type up a bunch of posts when I am in a writing mood and set them to post on future days when I am busy or having writer's block. I realize I could have done this with drafts, but then I would have to remember to post them later. Now I can just write then, set them to post, and forget about it.

Technology is wonderful... once you figure out how to use it.

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