Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hawaii is a paradise, right? The good, part 3


It is so much fun living on the same island where LOST is filmed. It has been great to be able to check out the sets and see the actors and watch the first hour of the season premiere on the beach.

Survivor's Camp

The stadium where Jack met Desmond

The Banyan Tree

It is one BIG tree

Another picture of the survivor's camp (including part of the plane)

The day we spotted them filming at the banyan tree

The night shoot at the banyan tree

Sunset on the Beach premiere

The red carpet at Sunset on the Beach. (Can you spot Hurley and Ben?)

And... and... getting to meet Sawyer (aka Josh Holloway)If you have been watching the show you will notice that he has been wearing this same shirt in the recent episodes.


Susan said...

How COOL!!! My husband and I are LOST junkies! Sawyer ROCKS! The story line with him and Juliet was my favorite...miss them together.

Maren Hansen said...

JEALOUS! I think this one makes up for all the bads so far... ;)

Mrs. Blimes said...

I am still seething with jealousy over that pic of you and sawyer.

elysabeth said...

I think it's awesome just that you live in Hawaii. I'm not a LOST watcher or anything but pretty awesome to hobknob with celebs like that. I want to come visit Hawaii some day, well all the states eventually. I can't wait to write about Hawaii in my stories.

I found your blog from the homeschool buzz website - reading about the giveaway, not that it would help me to go there since I don't homeschool. Fun blog. E :)

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SWIRL said...

WOah-- you have been here only a few months and have done things-- I've NEVER DONE- living here for 6 years!

I don't like crowds....
I can't believe you waded through all those people! You are brave and fearless!