Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peter Pan in Hawaii

My girls and I had the privilege of being part of the local elementary school's spring break production of Peter Pan. We were really grateful that the moms in charge let us be a part of it, being homeschoolers and all. It has really been challenging since moving to this tiny town with no homeschool group. I am glad that so far we have found this community to be very welcoming.

Sierra had a blast playing Wendy.

...and singing with the Lost Boys.

Arwen enjoyed being a mermaid

There were pirates

and Haka Warriors (instead of Indians since we're in Hawaii)

...and of course, Hula Dancers (Kali is in the second row on the far left)

1 comment:

SWIRL said...

great pictures!!
HEy- I've got another great idea-- for furlough fridays...
I know you homeschool... so furlough days don't relate to you.. but you might want to come be involved in the occassional social/school-ish event

You were a GREAT director! Thanks for all your help!