Friday, April 23, 2010

Full Disclosure Friday

Here's the truth: I never get around to playing math games with my kids.

Yes, I have done math clubs and I am currently helping to find some ideas for math games for a co-op, but at home with just my kids and me. It doesn't happen. I have these grand plans. I put math games on the schedule. I own Games for Math, Family Math, I Hates Mathematics, Mega-Fun Card-Game Math, Number Jugglers... I have taken detailed notes on some of the books. Others I haven't even looked at.

Oh, there was a time that I played Go Fish to 10 with Sierra and Kali pretty regularly and we enjoy Zeus on the Loose, but as a consistent part of our homeschool, math games just don't seem to get priority.

I don't know. Maybe I just lack motivation. I am sitting here with all of these math game resources and I have only found 5 games that seem interesting enough for the co-op. I am finding many of the games to be too complicated. I think my problem at home is that I am trying to find games that we can all play and that is tricky with a 4 1/2 year age gap.

Ok, I just looked through the Number Juggler Book (one of the ones I hadn't looked at before) and found 8 interesting games including one that might work for the co-op. BUT I bought that book used and it is missing the cards. Anyone know how many cards and the amount of each number in the deck?? Maybe, just maybe, I will get motivated to actually play the games with my kids. But in keeping with the theme of full disclosure, I will admit that I am not going to count on that happening.

*I got the idea for Full Disclosure Friday here. Oh and by the way (full disclosure again), I will not be posting one of these every Friday...


Michelle said...

LOL! I'm in the same boat...I've got all these great math activity books (and science), but don't use them. I'm hoping to change that. We've ditched Singapore Math (at least for now), so we're going to have to make use of them. Since starting BFSU for science, I've made use of a few of the science activities, which has been great.

xoxoxo said...

We just finished RS4K Biology, so we are just doing experiments for science until we are ready to take a break for summer. It has been really fun! We'll see about the math games :)

Mrs. Blimes said...

ha! i love you final disclosure! its so hard to keep up w/all the daily blog ideas!

hope youre having a good day!