Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've returned from the dead

Yes, really. I was a zombie last week. Here's the story:

Last week I got my wisdom teeth taken out. As I left the oral surgeon's office, I caught a look at myself in a mirror. Both sides of my face were puffy and numb. One side of my lip was hanging down lower than the other. I knew I looked a bit ridiculous, but bravely made my way to the elevator and down to the street. After all, I had just let the dentist rip 4 teeth out of my mouth. I could be brave.

I had to wait a few minutes for Rand to pick me up (he and the girls were hanging out in Waikiki during the procedure - nice huh?) So, I put on my sunglasses and tried to act casual as I waited on the downtown Honolulu street. Eventually, Rand picked me up. Little did I know, while I was waiting, some blood had started dripping down my lip.

I got into the car and the girls took one look at me and screamed. I looked in the mirror and saw the blood. I was so numb I couldn't even feel it. It must have been there for a while because it had started to dry. Rand told me I looked like a zombie with my glassy eyes, puffy face, and blood dripping out of my mouth. The fact that I started laughing hysterically added to the zombieness. And my tongue was numb, so I couldn't talk. I tried, but the garbled sound just made it all more horrific.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is no picture evidence of this event. Rand tried to take a picture, but it didn't work for some reason. By the time we realized it, I had already wiped the blood off, so the effect wouldn't have been the same. So you will all just have to visualize how I looked on... The Day I was a Zombie.


Mrs. Blimes said...

Nice! I really wanna see that pic! Im going to the dentist monday... wha.

Kathy said...

Ooooo, wisdom teeth :( So sorry, hope you're recovering well! When mine were taken out, three of them were very impacted. I bruise & swell easily, so my face looked like someone hit it with a baseball bat.....a dozen times ;) My poor little 18 mo. old took one look at me, screamed, and ran the other way. Ahh, memories :D

Kathy D.