Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speaking of Geeky Homeschoolers

I mentioned the other day that I was a geeky homeschooling mama. Well, it seems that my kids have not been spared the geekiness that comes with homeschooling. It appears that some of downsides to homeschooling include your kids developing their own sense of style and your kids doing things that public schooled kids their age would probably find babyish.

I took the following pictures when we were hiking up Diamond Head last month.

Here is 7 year old. She insisted on wearing the flowered top with the green plaid pants. I have pretty much given up on trying to get her to wear a matching outfit on regular days, but I do try to get her to not totally clash when we go out in public. This particular day, I wasn't in the mood to argue and when she added the purple socks, blue plaid, aqua socks, I laughed and decided that I must have photographic evidence of her unique style.

This is my 9 year old. Grandma was visiting and had brought her this doll carrier as a gift. She really, really, really wanted to carry her doll up Diamond Head in the carrier. " Sure, why not?"

You know, I joked at the beginning of this post that it was a downside that my girls are not self conscience about what they wear and the things they do, but honestly, I think it is great. Having never been in an environment where they are made fun of, they have no reason not to do or wear whatever makes them happy. Now if this formerly public schooled mama could get over her embarrassment.

"I'll just be hiking a few feet behind you. OK, kids?" Just kidding ;)


Michelle said...

Ha! Boy can I relate to this! My son refuses (most days) to wear matching socks. He also likes to go shopping with his baby doll and stroller. I've also taken him places while he's wearing various costumes (Darth Vader and some put-together ensembles.) The outfit that makes me cringe the shorts with a dark purple sweater. Yikes! :)

Really, though, it is great. I'm happy my son isn't worried about fitting in or being laughed at. He's himself, which is how it should be.

Michelle Breum said...

I have a seven year old daughter who could cause me to worry what other people think. I hope people don't think I'm a lazy mom who could care less what her daughter looks like. I'd love to do my daughter's hair fancy or at least pull it out of her face. Four out of five days my daughter wears knit pants and one of her ten tie dye shirts to school.
It's a two sided coin for me. I'm proud of my daughter for being confident, knowing what she wants, and dressing herself. She's happy, comfortable, clean, and has combed her hair. No one at school makes fun of her. She's a confident nice person and would probably tell anyone who tried to make fun of her something to make that person stop.
I'm learning to be happy and confident from my daughter.
I've tried pulling my own hair up and back to show my daughter what we could do with her hair. I'm just like her. I don't like the little hairs that poke out and it hurts my head when I take it out. She's a smart girl. I love her just the way she is! She will let me put it in pig tails for gymnastics.

Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL Didnt you hear mismatching is the new black people?


But for real, your girls are beautiful inside and out, yall are doing a wonderful job!