Saturday, May 22, 2010

25 years later and I still love this book

Man, I love this book!  I first read this book when I was 11 years old.  Coincidentally, the movie came out around that same time.  And yes, I was a bit obsessed with all of the actors in the movie. Ralph Macchio was my favorite.

I just finished reading it again because I am having my almost 12 year old read it for school. I am pretty sure I love it more now than I did then.  I intended to read one chapter and go to sleep, but I ended up reading the rest of the book.

It is just such a timeless book.  It was written over 40 years ago and it is still applicable today. I just want to gather up all the boys from the wrong side of the track and tell them that there is still good in the world and make them watch the sunset.

*update:  apparently the picture from Amazon doesn't show up in google reader.  I guess you will just have to click through to the site to see what book I am talking about  ;)


Kez said...

It is a great book - I'm pretty sure I have a copy in my bookcase. I must re-read it now!

a mermaid said...

i love that book too! oh, this is stephanie robertson by the way. anyway, i read it again within the last year and totally enjoyed it all over again. :)