Monday, February 21, 2011


When I first started homeschooling, I would meet many older homeschooled kids that loved to read and were  socially conscious.  I wondered if my kids would ever be the same way.  For a long time, they liked to read, but weren't bookworms and weren't all that socially aware. But... in the last couple of weeks, my oldest daughter has read about one book a day and my middle daughter started a club to save pandas. She began earning money to donated to the cause by selling her silly bands.

 Parents of the older homeschoolers promised me that my kids would turn out just fine and, in fact, they would be smart and kind. They never promised me that they wouldn't be weird though...

Yes, she is in the cage with the guinea pig!

A little bit weird is a good thing though, right???


pupface56 said...
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pupface56 said...

eww!! thats discusting!! she shouldn't be in that cage like that!! itz all dirty and nasty!! >.< |P i should know its discusting, i have my own piggletz!!