Monday, April 4, 2011

My Kali

She is the model of a middle child.  A true peacemaker. She is kind and loving. She was an easy baby and an easy toddler. When she was three, she went through phase of screaming to get attention, but since that was the year I started homeschooling her older sister and providing childcare for 2 other infants along with taking care of her baby sister, she had to do something drastic to get heard...

She is funny. When people meet her, they comment on how quiet she is, but once you get to know her, her subtle (and not so subtle) humor comes out. 

Even though she is super nice, she stands firm in her beliefs. Rand and I used to worry that she was too nice, but I have seen her stand up for herself even when sometimes I wish she would give in, so her younger sister will stop whining...

She is always willing to help. And often offers to help without being asked.  And she is cute, too.  I am awfully glad I get to be her mom.

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Anonymous said...

I Love it when I hear Momma's gushing about thier babies :)
~> So Jealous wish I lived in Hawaii lol! Even thou I live in a state considered by most as a nice place to vaca ;)

~~Loving homeschooling in Florida~~