Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homeschool Schedule 2011

I am tempted to just copy and paste our schedule from last year because things haven't changed much.  In fact, I think I will and I will just make changes as needed.

7:00am  - I attempt to get out of bed.  This is a half hour earlier than last year.
7:30am - I go to gym to use elliptical machine

8:15 am  - Meet friends for weight training.  This is a recent addition.  I am hoping it will help spark some weight loss and it is fun to be with other women for a while each morning.
9 am - return from home, eat breakfast, computer time (Kids are awake by this time and are eating breakfast and watching TV)
9am - school starts - girls work on independent work while I finish up on computer and do other morning chores, such as start laundry and tidying up a bit. I am often called over to answer questions.
10 am  - I take a shower, put away laundry, more tidying, more questions
10:30 am - Read aloud (or, as has been happening lately because we no longer spend much time in the car, listening to book on tape)
11:00 am - "mom school" time - M and W - history, T - science, Th - depends on my mood (poetry, extra history books from the library, art, etc.) F - is our short day if we get all our work done or is a catch up day, if we miss another day during the week.
12:00 - lunch
1:00 pm - girls finish independent work
2:00 pm -school's out
after school - play with friends, instrument lessons, choir.  Sierra tried an art class, but didn't like it.  Kali and Arwen have been taking a dance class.  

This schedule has been working great almost 2 years now.  I am starting to feel a need for some tweaking. When I don't get in the shower until 10 am, I don't have time to do anything with my hair.  I end up just twisting it up and letting it air dry.  That works fine for Hawaii, but I often feel like a slob all day.  So I want to try and work on getting a shower earlier.  

Also, I am feeling like I need to give my girls more individual attention.  I spend time with them in the morning and afternoon on an as needed basis, but there is often much distraction (either from the other girls or because I am looking at the computer...).  I want to find a time to have a scheduled "meeting" time with them to focus on areas where they need help or to discuss what they are reading on their own.  I am trying to decide whether I should meet with them each once a week on Friday (our short day) or for 10 - 15 minutes each day. If I meet with them each day, I will have to cut something out.  I am thinking of cutting out our listening to book on CD time after we finish our current book. I think this meeting time will be even more important as Sierra does more independent work as a high schooler next year, so I'll have to figure something out. We'll have to see what works best.  I'll keep you posted. 

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