Friday, January 12, 2007

A better day

Big Sigh, today has been a much better day. KE is happy doing Right Start Math activties, as along as I "let" her do some workbook pages :) And got some new cheapy workbooks for SK and she loves them. I got one for addition and subtraction and one for multiplication. I realized during my many hours of researching elementary math that these years are really for getting a good grip on the 4 operations(addition, subrtraction, multiplication, and division) because most everything else depends on them. Abeka has alot of practice for these, but skips around alot and introduces new concepts and then goes back to old ones. I went through the rest of the book and found that there are only 35 new topics. I am feeling much more confident about being able to teach SK the things she needs to know by the end of third grade. I am also going to have dh be the story problem teacher. For some reason, I just cannot explain them very well.

So, for now I am going to focus on the basics and just occasionally introduce new topics. Oo, and I played Ten memory with both SK and KE (where you find 2 numbers that equal 10, 2 and 8; 4 and 6, etc.) We had lots of fun and KE caught on right away. Also, I bought some pretty notebooks for SK the other day. My plan is to use them for Spelling and Grammar. They have been very motivating. We haven't gotten around to using them, yet and SK is very excited about them.

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