Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Good Stuff

So, I have felt pretty down since we started back "doing school" after the holidays. I guess it is normal for homeschooling moms to have times where they feel like they aren't doing a good job. I have definitely been feeling that this month. I do spend a lot of time thinking and reading and planning things for our homeschool. My oldest has spent most of this month complaining about school. It is hard to spend so much time on making our homeschool great and then have her complain. I am so torn between giving in and letting her unschool and saying, hey I'm the mom and this is what you need to learn. I know there is a balance somewhere. Most days lately, I just remind her to have a good attitude and she ends up learning and even having fun sometimes.

Ok, so the good stuff. I need to remind myself of the good things that have happened lately instead of focusing on my frustartion:

-playing with geoboards with KE and SK and having them get excited about parallel and perpendicular lines!
-having a good time doing a pretend Passover Seder with the girls after learning about Moses and the Exodus in SOTW
-noticing the 6 - 7 chapter books next to my oldest bed and having her excitingly tell me that she is reading them all.
-listening to books on CD in the car. The girls love it and don't even know I count it as school.
-Watching how much my girls are learning as they play on the Disney Fairies website. Although not an educational site, I love watch my oldest read and figure out how to navigate the site. Also, she is writing and learn about addresses as she finds the different fairies.
*** And not school related, but one of the best things was tonight when my dh offered to go out and get me Chipotle for dinner after he had been gone snowshoeing with friends and came home to find me a little stressed out.

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