Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aw, forget it.

We didn't have co-op today. We are taking a week off between sessions. I thought we would do some school today. We are learning about Space and the girls are making their own planet books. Today, I was reading books about Mars and Asteroid Belt. The girls were so chatty. They were interrupting me constantly - sometimes on topic, sometimes not.

I have been trying to doing narrration after each book. I don't call it narration, for fear it will turn them off to the idea. I just say, "Tell me at least one thing you learned from this book." I was very happy today when KE remind us to do this after the first book. I was so distracted by the interruptions that I had forgotten.

After 3 books, I decided that we should take a break and have lunch, but no one was hungry. I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done today, so the girls played while I worked on my to do list. I finally got around to making lunch around 1pm and thought we would do some "lunch school" (I like to read grammar lessons or discuss math topics during lunch}, but my 4 year old had just started watching "The Fox and the Hound", movie she had gotten for Christmas, but refused to watch until now - no princesses :p

I was going to make her pause the movie, but then I realized that they would be distracted by wanting to get back to the movie and wouldn't get much out of a lesson. When I informed the girls that they could keep watching the movie, AE said, "Thank you Mommy for letting us sit at the coffee table for lunch". Aw, I'm such a nice Mommy!

I was planning to read Grandfather Tang's Story after the movie is over to get some math in, but our friends from Idaho just called to talk to the girls and now the movie is paused. Oh well, I have lots to do today anyway...

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