Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A no school day?

Last Wednesday, we were supposed to go to our local homeschool co-op. It runs from 9am-12pm and lots of times we hang out with friends afterwards, so we never really "do school" on Wednesday when we have co-op. But last Wednesday, it was snowing and although I tried to get there, our '94 Saturn with old tires wasn't up to the task. After sliding and spinning onto the side of the road. I thought it best just to go home. With no co-op we had no plans for the day. I spent a good deal of time reading a new blog and the girls played. We had been listening to Inkheart in the car and after an hour or so we decided to bring it in the house to listen. While we listened the girls asked if they could make some crafts from a book they had gotten from the library. At dinner daddy explained why the snow on the ground looked blue (light wave lengths being dispersed by the snow in the air) We discussed how many fingers and toes we had altogether - 50 fingers and 50 toes =100! - and the different ways to figure it out. At the end of the day, I figure we covered literature, art, science and math all on a "no school" day. Nice!

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