Monday, September 10, 2007

Curriculum Purchases

I got the last of the curriculum that I ordered on Friday just in time for the first day of school today. I spent way too much of my hubby's grad school stipend, but I did get some really good deals on some used stuff.

Bought to use this year:

Reader's Digest Children's Atlas of the World

Rod and Staff English 4

Ruth Beechick's the 3R's and You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully

Story of the World Vol 2 and Activity Guide

Right Start Math (I intended to just get Level E, but found the rest of the levels used and ended up buying Levels B - E, which is good because I think I am going to need to start a level lower for each child)

Singapore Earlybird 1b for Arwen and Primary 1B for Kali who loves workbooks for math

What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know

Art Basics for Children

Basic not Boring Spelling grades 2-3 and 4 - 5

Geography Songs kit (We are listening to it right now. It is pretty good.)

Fonts for Teachers

Plan to use later:

Latin's not so tough level 3

Total spent $355 - school stuff sold ($23) = $332. I still have about $50 worth of science stuff I plan to get to use after Christmas, but I suppose that is not too bad for 3 kids especially since I got 4 level of math that will hopefully be used for several years by multiple kids.

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