Saturday, November 3, 2007

Africa Picture Books Part 2

We are finally back in school mode after being gone for a week and having fun with all the Halloween festivities.

Here are the books we enjoyed this week:

Honey, Honey, Lion
Rain by Stojic
How Snake Got His Hiss
The Hunter by Geraghty
Nanta's Lion
water Hole Waiting
The Lonely Lioness
Lake of the Big Snake
In the Time of the Drums
Chidi Only likes Blue
Big Boy

I have really enjoyed how these picture books teach us about different parts of the world. And not only do they give us incite about different cultures, most of them present wonderful morals and values that I want to impart to my children.

Next week we will divert from geography and play around with Chemistry. I will keep you posted - literally :) I may wait until December to get back to geography. I am thinking it would be fun to explore the different Christmas customs of the areas as we learn about Europe.

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Brit said...

You have listed some great books! Thanks for sharing. We loved learning about countries from those kind of wonderful picture books, but we hadn't gotten to Africa yet.