Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Blessing or a Curse?

Why does it always seem that when one's children get a stomach virus, they space it out 2 days apart and the mama has to spend a week dealing with vomit? I can't decide if this is a blessing or a curse. In some ways it would be easier to just have one whole vomit filled day, but then again dealing with one sicko kid at a time may be the way nature intended for a reason.

Just asking. No reason. Just keep your fingers crossed that my oldest child doesn't follow in her sisters footsteps and need to run quickly to the bathroom 2 days from now...


Linda said...

Well, that depends on how many towels you own. ;-) Our youngest two both got the "vomiting germ" (as our dc call it), and between the two of them, we just about ran out of clean sheets and towels to clean up with! It made me wonder how we would have dealt with middle-of-the-night illness if I were Ma Ingalls. Just thrown some straw on the vomit and try to lay back down? Hmmm. It made me *really* thankful for my washing machine! :-)


Valarie said...

Ha! I think about this often. I can never decide if it would be better to have them be miserable all at once and try to deal with 4 sick and crying children or better if it was spread out over the course of a month and deal with them one at a time but that would mean NO sleep for a month! Kinda the lesser of two evils...huh??