Thursday, December 3, 2009

A week in the life of me - Thursday

Another busy day. Up at 6:15, showered, got the girls up. Well, I got Kali and Arwen up. Rand got Sierra up and took her to his office, so she could do her school work while he taught his morning class. This is the first time we have tried this. Normally I take Sierra with me and she works on her school at the Learning Center. It hasn't been working very well because the Learning Center is noisy sometimes and she has trouble concentrating.

Kali and Arwen and I listened to some School House Rock during our morning drive. I didn't want to start a new book without Sierra. I finally got Arwen into the 1st grade Science and History classes, so she had 3 hour's of classes. Kali had her Hawaiian History class from 9 - 10:15. I took my glorious hour of alone time to go looking for a few more Christmas gifts for the girls. I was unsuccessful. The thing I was looking for was way over priced, so I decided against getting it.

Back at the Learning Center, Kali and I worked on her school work until it was time to pick up Arwen at noon. Then it was time for our monthly trip to Costco. I had been thinking that I would only have to run errands a few times a month during our trips to "town" for the girls' classes, but there has only been one time this whole quarter that we have come straight home. Every week we seem to have shopping needs or dentist appointments or doctor's appointments.

Costco was thrilling as usual. Arwen was pretty cranky. We made a deal that she would stop riding in the cart when she turned 7, so today was our first Costco trip that she had to walk. Getting up early and going to 3 hours of classes before going to Costco did not make for a cooperative kid.

We made it home with only a 10 minute delay while driving past the North Shore surfing competition. I spent most of the time driving home wondering if I be able to take a nap when I got home. Of course as soon as we arrive home we had to unload all of the Costco stuff. I decided that I was only going to put the perishables away and then get that nap I had been thinking about. I was delayed a bit because the maintenance guys had arrived and I had to put in a load of laundry to show them that the washer was leaking. I was so grateful that Rand agree to stay awake while the maintenance men finished working so I could go take a nap.

As I was getting ready to go lay down, Kali got invited to go play with a girl from one of her K12 classes that lives a few blocks away. I decided to let her walk over by herself. Then another neighbor invited Sierra and Arwen over and they walked over together. Finally, I was ready for my power nap. I only laid down for an hour, but it was very refreshing and I really needed it.

When I got up I checked my email and facebook. I am getting very behind on my blog reading during this busy week. Then I recorded the girls' K12 school work for the day and figured out what we need to do tomorrow. Sierra did really well working on her own and with Rand today. Between carpooling and leaving Sierra home on the Thursdays that I drive, so I can have some time to myself, I may survive next quarter without losing my mind.

It started to rain and it was getting dark, so I drove over and picked up Kali. I was planning to pick up Sierra and Arwen, too, but Rand called to let me know that they had already walked home. When I got back I needed to finish looking over the school stuff.

Neither Rand nor I felt up to cooking dinner, so we had frozen pizza. While the pizza was cooking, I worked on putting away the rest of the Costco stuff. By the time the pizza was ready it was 7:15 , so we watching Survivor while eating. After dinner, Rand cleaned up because he made a deal with me that he would do the dishes once for every $25 I went below the budget at Costco and Target this week. I took this time to start working on this post. Now I will finish straightening up the house, get the kids to bed, and watch some TV with Rand before heading off to bed.

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