Thursday, December 3, 2009

A week in the life of me - Wednesday

Today Sierra had classes at the Learning Center. These classes were one of the main reasons we decided to try K12 this year. The classes haven't turned out to be too great though. Half of them have been canceled and the content of some of them hasn't been great. The math class is basically 45 minutes for her math work with the teacher available for help. The history class has been a sub showing a video and a jeopardy game covering stuff that Sierra hasn't learned, yet because we started a quarter late. But she likes the English and Science classes, so...

Anyway, we got up early because it is an hour drive to the Learning Center, 6:15 for me and 7 for the girls. Probably the best thing about going to the Learning Center is the time we get to listen to books in the car. Today we finished up The Lightning Thief. Kali and Arwen and I worked on school work at the Center while Sierra was at her classes. It started out great. The area we were working in was quiet and the girls were getting through their work quickly. After about an hour and a half, it started getting noisy and the girls started losing focus, but we got everything we needed to get done done, so I was happy.

When Sierra was done with her classes we headed to Target. It is the beginning of the month and we needed a bunch of stuff and I had some time to kill before my dentist appointment. I found pretty much everything I needed which rarely happens, so again I was happy.

The dentist appointment went well, two fillings. I was out of there in a hour. On the way home we listen to Joseph and the Amazing in Technicolor Dreamcoat - Go, Go , Go Joseph!

We got home in time for Kali to do a make up violin lesson after she missed yesterday's when she banged up her knee. She only made it through half the lesson though because she got pale and started to pass out - yikes. I figured it must have been because she hadn't eaten enough. It is very difficult to pack a lunch for her because she is so picky. I took her home and made her eat some peanut butter on a spoon.

By then it was time to make dinner. I took a few minutes to check my email and facebook. I am getting very backed up on my blog reading since I have been so busy these last few days. I made dinner and was all set to eat at the table tonight, but the girls wanted to watch A Year Without a Santa Claus, which is one of my favorites, so I caved... again.

After dinner involved kitchen clean up , showers for the girls, and getting ready for another day down at the Learning Center. Sierra is going to stay home with Rand tomorrow, so I made sure she had all of her books gathered. Then I figured out what I needed for Kali and Arwen.

I am not sure how much longer I can handle this schedule. When I first found out about this program I was thinking the classes for all of the grade levels were on the same day and that I would have a little break. I also thought the Center was 45 minutes away instead of an hour. Instead I am driving an hour there and back 2 days a week and I always have aleast one kid with me who needs to do school work. Next quarter I am going to carpool on Thursdays. Hopefully that will help.

Now I am off to pack lunches for tomorrow and watch some Glee before stumbling off to bed.

P.S. I did not end up do plyometrics while watching Biggest Loser yesterday. Instead I ate chocolate that Rand got for us when he went caroling with the youth.

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