Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well, that was an interesting diversion...

How many of you have been taking bets on when I would decide to quit K12?

If you guessed December 8th, you win. Wait, it may have been the 7th. Ok, if you guessed the 7th or the 8th, you win. I'm not sure what you win. Maybe just the satisfaction of knowing me better than I know myself.

I was sitting at the table trying to help Sierra with history and she couldn't figure out the answers to some of the questions and I skimmed the book and couldn't find the answers. And I just thought, this is ridiculous. I can't discuss this stuff with her because I don't have time to read what she has read. And I don't have time to read it because I am spending 4 hours in the car every week and because my kids are going in 3 different directions and I am having to divide my time trying to teach them all separately.

Even though I liked many aspects of K12, I knew at that moment that it was time to be done, that we could take what we had learned from K12 and use it to create our own plan.

I decided to continue doing the K12 work until the 18th, so the girls could all get to good stopping points. Then I spent several hours last week working on a new plan. I imagine I will spend some time over break tweaking the plan a bit and then start fresh in January.


Kez said...

lol. That's a homeschooling mum's perogative I think! I like to think that we learn something new about ourselves and our kids and the best way to approach their education, with each side road we go down!

Linda said...

Welcome back. ;-)

Heidi said...

Sounds less stressful!! I think reducing stress is a huge key factor in making homeschooling successful! :) I totally know what you mean, too...even things we have tried that we didn't like or didn't work for us taught me how to better work out our own homeschool plan...which, of course, gets continually tweaked and changed all the time.... :)