Sunday, December 6, 2009

A week in the life of me - weekend

I am just going to pretend that I meant to make this last edition a weekend addition and just ignore the fact that I ran out of time to post yesterday.

I woke up Saturday around 8. It is really strange to have gotten to a point in my life where getting up at 8 feels like sleeping in... I jumped in the shower right away because we were planning to go into town to the Aloha Stadium swap meet to do some Christmas shopping. Rand had gotten up early to go check out the big waves on the the North Shore and I wanted to be almost ready to go by the time he got back, so that he wouldn't lay down on the couch and lose motivation to go.

We headed out the door about 10. We drove the 45 minutes down to the stadium listening to the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album. We got to the stadium only to discover that the swap meet was not going on - Ugh! It recently discovered that it costs $15 ever time we drive into town! I wanted to make it worth our while, so I suggested that we stop at Target and get a few things.

I know I was just at Target earlier in the week, but I had forgotten to look for some things. Sometimes it is really difficult to live so far away from civilization... After Target, we decided to look for a Borders because Rand had just finished reading a book in a series and wanted to get the next one. We looked up Borders on our GPS and found the closest one. Unfortunately, we discovered that it was in a mall. There was no way we were going into a mall this close to Christmas just to get a book. We had the GPS guide us to the next closest one, which I had seen before, so I knew it was NOT in a mall.

Our bad luck of the day continued when we ended up in a huge traffic jam on our way to the other Border's. Rand got his book and finally we headed home. The bad luck was still with us as we hit bad traffic along the North Shore. It was really starting to feel like a wasted day. Then Rand suggested that we look for the beach near Haleiwa where LOST is filmed. Thanks to the GPS and our phones' web capabilities we found it. It was very fun to see all of the sets from the show. And made me feel like the day wasn't a total waste. I am not sure Rand felt that way when it still took us an hour to get home when it normally takes us a half an hour from Haleiwa We decided that driving into town so close to Christmas and taking the North Shore route home when the waves were big was something we never planned to do again.

By the time we go home we had about an hour and a half until our church Christmas party. I had signed up to bring a dessert, so I got to work making peppermint patty brownies. They were barely ready in time.

We had a nice time at the party. It was nice to have time to visit with some of the new people we have met since moving here and fun to see the kids playing with their new friends.

We came home around 8pm. I straightened up the house and did some stuff on the computer. I can't remember what. It wasn't blogging... At 9pm it was time to get the girls in bed and I realized that I had forgotten to have them shower - oops! I sent them off to bed anyway. I did some more straightening up and computer stuff and then watched movie with Rand.

Sunday can be summed up in a few words. Morning - church. Afternoon - lunch, talked to my mom on the phone, nap. Late afternoon - choosing and up loading pics for a Christmas present for my mom, blogging.

Uploading the pics took forever, as usual. Rand and the girls had gone to take a walk on the beach and got back around 6:30. I was still working on the pictures. Dinner needed to be cooked, but I was in the middle of the project. At 7, I finally decided I better get dinner started. I got all set to start cooking when I discovered that the chicken I had plan to make had gone bad - ugh! I had nothing else defrosted, so I made chicken nuggets for the kids. There was one pizza left from the Costco pack, so I Rand and I ate that - ugh and double ugh! The one thing that really suffers from my busy life right now is dinner. I just don't have time for everything. Well, at least dinner clean up was easy.

Bedtime for the girls was a bit rough. Arwen was cranky and their rooms had gotten pretty messy over the weekend, so clean up took a while. They have been doing pretty well cleaning up on their own lately, but every once in a while they need help.

Now that the girls are in bed I am thinking of either coloring my hair or watching TV then it is off to bed to get some sleep, so I can start another week. Thanks for joining me this week.

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