Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A week in the life of me - Tuesday

The alarm went off at 7am. I hit the snooze button a number of times. I was tired from staying up too late last night, something I have a tendency to do when Rand goes to bed early. I have to take advantage of the quiet, alone time when I get it, you know. I actually only stayed up until 12:30, but I am an 8 hours of sleep kind of girl and I get pretty cranky when I don't get it.

I shuffled out of bed, got the laundry started, and did 1/2 of the P90X yoga workout. The full workout is an hour and half for heaven's sake. Who has that kind of time to exercise? Not a homeschooling mom, that's for sure! Then I ate breakfast while doing my morning computer routine - email, facebook, google reader. Eventually I knew I needed to get up and get the day started, but I was lacking motivation. At 9, I told Sierra and Kali to get started with their school work and I got in the shower. When I got out of the shower, they both needed help. Kali with a science experiment and Sierra with history. Eventually, I got started working with Arwen. It must have been about 10am by then. Arwen and I did math, phonics, and language arts. At this point, Kali and Sierra needed my help again, but it was getting to be lunch time, so we took a break. Just before lunch I made some phone calls - renewed library books, called about Rand's student loans, and talked to the housing office about our rent and a maintenance issue...

Rand was home for lunch again, so we got to hang out, which was nice. He was also done with work for the day, so he was able to help with school, which was doubly nice since the most of the rest of the work that all 3 girls had for the day required help. After lunch he worked with Kali and I worked with Arwen. Sierra had an art project to do, so she worked on that.

We didn't get done with school until almost 3 today. Some neighbor girls came over while their mom was running errands shortly there after. They played while I tidied up the house. Normally, I would have made the girls help, but since we had guests, I was on my own. I got everything cleaned up, cleaned the bathrooms that got skipped yesterday, and switched the laundry. Oh, I had to plan out and pack up the school work for Kali and Arwen to do while Sierra is at her classes tomorrow. At this point it was almost time to take Kali to her violin lesson. I am sure I took a few minutes to get on the computer.

Just before violin lesson time, Kali fell on our front porch and really banged up her knee. She was in no condition to stand for a 45 minute lesson, so I ran over to the teacher's house to let her know that Kali wouldn't be coming and to pay her for the month. I then headed over to the library to return some books and get some holds.

I returned just in time for dinner. Rand, who normally cooks on Tuesdays, was asleep. He had to be at a church activity in an hour, so we decided it would be spaghetti night. Dinner and Jeopardy followed. I would rather sit at the table, but I am a sucker for Jeopardy especially now that I can answer some of the questions with all that I have learned from homeschooling ;)

After dinner involved the usual kitchen and bedroom/playroom cleaning. Rand is off at his activity and here I am. I still need to pack lunches for tomorrow and fold all the laundry that I did today. When Rand gets home we will do our plyometric workout while watching Biggest Loser, an improvement over our previous routine of eating really unhealthy food while watching people trying to lose weight.

Hopefully I will get to bed earlier tonight. I have to get up by 6:15 to get Sierra to her classes on time.

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Lisa said...

I'm enjoying a peek into your life. And also the pictures of beaches and sun.